Maredsous Gin is made from an infusion of more than 10 medicinal plants in a distillate of organic-certified cereals (barley, rye and wheat) … a pure concentration of aromatic richness available in 3 different varieties, with the plants used in each having different therapeutic qualities.

  • INVICTUS (Strength and Power)

  • VALÉO  (Relaxing and Calm)

  • AÉQUATIS (Balancing and Digestive)





Maredsous Gin is made from medicinal plants known for their health benefits.

These plants are selected based on very precise criteria:

-  Ecology and protection of the resource

-  Systematic botany and the art of selecting the appropriate plants

-  Pharmacognosy and the art of plant-based medicine

-  Toxicology

Nestled in the middle of the Molignée Valley, Maredsous is an ideal location, with its varied landscape of forests, wet meadows, limestone hills, wooded countryside and natural springs. The environment of Maredsous is one of the last remaining places spared from urbanisation, industrial and agricultural pollution and intensive farming.

The characteristics of the site make it an ideal environment for the wild flora and fragile plant varieties necessary for the production of Maredsous Gin.



The “Maredsous Gin” range uses only organic-certified cereals (BE-BIO-01 control and certification).

Organic farming, which doesn’t use pesticides, chemical fertilisers, irradiation or genetically-modified grains, is environmentally-friendly and protects the land and water.

Maredsous Gin supports the protection of our lakes and rivers. The integrity and productivity of the soil is maintained due to the avoidance of pesticides and toxic chemical products.


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