While the Desclée de Maredsous family was initially known for its development of lighting in large towns from 1834, it is also renowned for publishing, with their most famous publishing house, “Desclée - de Brouwer”, having printed bibles and missals for the Vatican.


In 1872, Henri-Philippe Desclée purchased the Maredsous estate situated in the heart of the Molignée Valley.
That same year, Henri-Philippe decided to build Maredsous Abbey in the middle of the family properties.

This founding branch of the monastery was permitted to add the “de Maredsous” name to its own name of “Desclée”.


This rich entrepreneurial past is today a source of inspiration for the new generation.

The Desclée de Maredsous family still resides in the property, ensuring that the family’s values live on.



Maredsous Abbey was built in 1872.


The first monks settled in Château de Maredsous in 1872, moving into the new buildings of Maredsous Abbey in 1876.

Today, Maredsous Abbey is home to some thirty monks belonging to the Order of Saint Benedict (following the rule of Saint Benedict).

There are still very close links between the Desclée de Maredsous family and the abbey.

> The MOLIGNÉE Valley


The Molignée is a charming little river situated in the natural region of Belgian Condroz.

The Molignée winds its way through a landscape consisting of a series of peaks and valleys, where wooded estates mingle with farms and pastureland.

Along the twists and turns of the Molignée Valley stand a succession of buildings rich in history, the oldest of which is Maharenne farmhouse, situated below Maredsous Abbey.

> MAHARENNE Farmhouse

The current structure dates back more than 400 years.

At the time of its purchase in 1860 by the Desclée de Maredsous family, the farm’s remarkable advantages for the production of Maredsous Gin and Whiskey were not yet known.

Almost 200 years ago, the farm had a vegetable garden of medicinal plants which is now the basis for the selection of plants used in the production of Maredsous Gin.


Maharenne farm has a pristine private spring of exceptional quality, one of the primary reasons for the quality of Maredsous Gin.

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